Product R&D Concept

Thousands of times of hard work to create
The most trustworthy medical bed


Focusing on providing high-quality, safe, reliable, and multi-functional medical beds, equipped with convenient universal modular accessories, each medical bed can be used in different medical situations, improving nursing efficiency, reducing material preparation and replacement costs, At the same time, we provide patients with the most comfortable and secure recuperation environment.

Aiming to become the world’s No. 1 medical bed

Safe and reliable, quality guaranteed

Comply with SCCE concept


Safety first, compliant with IEC, CNS, JIS and other specifications


Follow ergonomics and continue to improve to give you the most comfortable experience


Continue to innovate and integrate IoT to provide the most convenient functions


Universal modular design of each series, easy to operate, maintain and learn

international safety regulations

highest safety standards

SIGMA CARE has always considered safety as its top priority. All products comply with international specifications such as IEC, CNS, JIS, etc., and pass strict quality inspection and safety testing to ensure that our medical beds meet the highest safety standards.

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