CE-34EMG emergency ambulance

CE-34EMG emergency ambulance


15 code accessory code selection

Product Description
Specially designed for emergency use, making it safe and convenient for caregivers to use.
With its powerful storage function, accessories can be replaced according to different emergency situations, and it can move stably and smoothly in emergencies.
The side control lock design provides an extra level of security.

Standard equipment:
1.Intravenous drip stand
2.Electric shock board
3.First aid board
4.Oxygen cylinder holder
5. Syringe recycling box

Car body color selection: red, pink, light blue

Product size: W690 x D518 x H1006
Body height: H872

Wheels: 5-inch dustproof wheels (1 wheel directional, 1 wheel movable, 2 wheels braking)

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