BT-800 multifunctional double hydraulic push bed

BT-800 multifunctional double hydraulic push bed

15 code accessory code selection

Appearance size: L2130 x W800mm
Bed size: L1900 x W640 mm
Back panel: 0-80 degrees (hydraulic auxiliary transmission)
Leg panel: 0-40 degrees (rocker auxiliary transmission)
Height adjustment: 550 – 900 mm
Tilt adjustment: ±18 degrees
Bed structure: steel with antibacterial electrostatic powder coating
Mattress: 3″ high density foam mattress
Dual hydraulic steel design
Hydraulic control pedals are designed on both sides of the bed
The bed is designed with four sets of central control brakes and directional control pedals
The four corners of the bed are designed with anti-collision buffer wheels
Fully covered ABS guardrail
Integrated ABS reinforced plastic cover under the bed
Bed bottom cover oxygen bottle storage slot and shoe storage slot design
8″ movable wheel: including central braking function
Two-section drip stand (movable/fixed)

Load: more than 225kg

Optional features:
(1) X-ray panel on the back
(2) Whole body transparent X-ray panel
(3) The fifth positioning wheel system
(4)Full-covered aluminum alloy guardrail
(5) Hidden rotating oxygen bottle holder

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