BT-600 cross push bed

BT-600 cross push bed


BT-600 is an affordable emergency push bed with a lightweight design suitable for medical institutions or places with limited space.

1. Adjust the height of the bed through the hand crank system
2. The air pressure rod assists in adjusting the head angle
3. Steel bed frame (antibacterial powder coating)
4. Foldable guardrail
5.Oxygen bottle holder

15 code accessory code selection

Appearance size: L2205 x W744 x H470-870 mm
Bed size: L2112 x W620 mm
Mattress size: L2130 x W640 x H80mm

Back panel: 0-85 degrees
IV stand holes: 4 in total on both sides
Wheels: 5" independent brake wheels

Safety load: 180KG
Material: Steel antibacterial electrostatic powder coating

Bottom storage board
The guardrails on both sides can be placed under the bed when storing.
Under-bed oxygen bottle storage tank design (1500 liters)
Panel surface: two-section restraint belt fixing holes: 18 in total on both sides

(1) Two-section drip stand
(2) Restraint strap: L3000xW50mm
(3) The back can be X-rayed

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